best days.

This is it, the last gasp. Only a handful of late nights, and lazy days are left for us. Just a few more spur of the moment big meals, made for no other reason, than "just because". No more lazing about for us, folks. It's all over after Sunday. However, as much as we love these things, we are ready for something new. We are ready for a big push; a push into the fall, and on into the new year (yes, we are thinking about it). Summer is over (mostly), bring on the change.

1 >> master fisherman

2 >> breakfast

3 >>  ice cream for lunch because summer is nearly over

4 >> a view from an evening stroll

5 >> camp breakfast

best days.

Summer is coming to a close.  We are trying to soak up every last minute together that we can. We only have a few weeks before the boys return to school and we plan on making the most of it.  Picnics, water parks, beaches, camping, and our favorite out of the way ice cream shop are all on the agenda. Even though we still have a pretty big list of "must happens" left for our final days of freedom, I think we can all agree that this has been a summer for the books! Not even for anything specific (even though the mom and dad solo getaway was pretty stellar), but more so, just how easy things have been. Everything just seemed to come together. Backyard nights, and the right places at the right times. If it was over tomorrow, I don't think any of us would feel at all let down; but it isn't.......

1 >> we recently painted and changed things up in f's room.  bed curtains + a cat wall

2 >> sunday breakfast for two

3 >> meet out new baby rat, comstock.  he is insanely cute.  and yes, perhaps we have turned into weird animal people.  Actually, I am fairly certain we have, since we spent the weekend building a caged wonderland for two rats.

4 >> sometimes when I'm feeling down, I hit up the lowes plant clearance section.  this is my new cactus friend.  He was a pain in the ass to re-pot, but I still love him.

5 >> after breakfast mess. I love cooking.  I fucking hate cleaning up the mess.

6 >> birthday dinner for my love.  he is officially old.  But he gets better with age.