The how and the why.

  I'm not sure if I have ever told you, but my wife rules. So much. I'm not here to gush or anything, just stating the facts. If we could all be so lucky to have someone that compliments them so well. You know, balance. Yin Yang and shit. We's like puzzle pieces. Man this whole world would..................What the F#@K. Somebody stop me. Seriously though, Lindsay Cheesebrew. She is tops.

   I think one of the things that makes our relationship so good is our willingness to tell each other the things we don't want to hear. I suppose in certain circumstances, some amount of restraint is appropriate in just about any relationship. Just not ours. It is this brutal honesty that keeps us motivated and productive. I am also certain that it is apparent to both of us that we could never leave each other because nobody else would put up with that shit. Until death do us part we'll be answering "yes" when the answer should have been, "I'm sorry what? I didn't hear you". It's how we do.

     One of my favorite sweet reminders that she often gives me is "Your metabolism won't stay this way forever, John. One day you are going to wake up and weigh 400 lbs." It is often in reference to a helping of food on my plate that she has mistakenly identified as being "Family Style". What can I say? I like to cook, because I like to eat. In her defense she does usually follow it up with "I will still love you, should you become immobile. I just don't think that you are going to like it". Damn!  

   I thought about the power of these exchanges this morning. At 8:00 a.m it was 34º and, I was bundled up and running. Oddly enough, no one was chasing me. I had to laugh to myself about it. She totally got me. It is her combination of honesty, paired with subtle and creative hints, that make L so dangerous. It is her lingering, ever so briefly, while flipping through channels, so I can catch a glimpse of some other goofball doing something that nature and/or gravity has deemed inappropriate for humans. Then, "You could totally do that. If you trained, of course". The challenge. It gets me every time.

     I love her because she knows me. Maybe too well. She knows that to get me off my ass and staying healthy it's going to take a little more than a gym membership and reminders of my winter weight. I need some sort of extra push. Risk, Danger, the possibility of of unwillingly expelling my meal for 4 and collapsing in a heap before the finish. I need a goal. A goal that I have to work for. Otherwise it's no fun. And if there is one thing I love (besides her, of course), it's is puking and passing out after extreme athletics! No, wait, I like fun.

    So far, I have two events planned for this year.

Spartan Race is coming up quick! If you are a Hoosier (or are willing to travel here), we could use a few more members on our team.

Fort 4 Fitness half marathon is 245 days away. I hope that is enough time to shave 30 minutes off of the last one (yes, I am that guy).

   Hooray for honesty!
   Hooray for Danger!
   Hooray for Crafty spouses!
   Hooray for the word Hooray!


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