Day Off - The ultimate story time idea.

 Up early. Dishes done. House picked up. The beans I soaked overnight have made there way into the oven along with some giant hunks of Jamison's bacon. Everyone that was going somewere has arrived safely at there destination. Pretty accomplished morning. Now, it's just Finn and Dad time. I have been slacking on these posts lately. Things have been piling up pretty quick around here, and writing about the tornado surrounding us hasn't been at the top of the heap. Today presented a brief window, so were taking some time out to do something fun. (Directly upon completion of this sentence, Finn and I were called to action. Mom was without lunch and unable to leave to acquire some. Fun had to wait a few hours.)

Alright, back at it.

Gavin has been working, rather begrudgingly, on using writing prompts at school. When he told me of his dissatisfaction, I was a little puzzled. How can it be bad? Especially for someone so creative. "Gavin, you can take these prompts and turn them into anything. All they are is direction." To which he replied "My teacher has boring ideas. What am I supposed to do with things like Write about someone special and pretend you are on an island." Touche, son.

I suggested to Finn that we write our own story together. I thought it would be fun to do something different than our normal Friday pastimes. "This will be a really fun project Finn. We can read it to mommy when she gets home". You can always sell an idea if you add impressing Mom into the mix. Man, I am so clever! We wasted no time getting started,  
Finn insisted on doing some typing:

snwhbsgxhsxggggbvmhkkjggygytt8t7+rstyfg+itfs cbxxvvggxtrerfascsfds+shhchhjdkxxnjl;;c+kbhcbccdcddbc cmmcxbxbbxdccd+




And that was it.  As soon as he finished his frantic typing he stood up and wandered back to Gavin's room and started building with Legos.

"Hey Finn, aren't we going to write this story to read to Mommy? "

 "I did already"

"Oh really, what does it say"

"It says, Obi Wan Kenobi robbed a bank and went to school."

"So that's it, our story is done?"

"Yes Dad, I think mommy will like it."

Can't argue with that, I guess. My attempt at "Super Fun Creative Dad" was not very successful today (which somehow, is already almost over!). However, I was at least able to convince Finn to create a picture to go along with his story.
You didn't think I'd let him off that easy, did you?

Behold, Obi Wan Kenobi robbing  a bank!

Have an awesome weekend everyone!


"Day Off"Bird and Cleaver