Good riddance.

 Well, we have almost made it through yet another mid-western winter. This time of year makes me unbelievably antsy. I get this way because I know what is soon to come. Good god, I can't wait for warmth. And decent vegetables. And road-trips. And, and, and........

 Obviously, for me spring time means the start of bikes, bikes, bikes.
  •  I think I might need a leather can cage from WALNUT for one of my rides!
  • I have always wanted a mini pump track of my own. Maybe if it came apart the boys and I could convince Lindsay to let us have one.

 This is probably the first and only picture you will ever see of my (brand new!) CX bike where it is actually clean enough to be in the house! 

When the snow melts we all start thinking about our other favorite pastime. Camping!
  • I could see this print hanging just about anywhere in our house.
  • If you have never checked out POLER, go do it! Like right now. Awesome gear and some amazing camp photos on their blog.

Seriously, who needs winter. We wanna go on trips, and ride on merry-go-rounds, and stuff ourselves with fresh tomatoes. Come on sunshine, hook a brotha' up!

Bird and Cleaver