Best Days.

 This weekend was basically spent outside or making food.  The weather was beautiful which is good, because we are all finished with winter. FINISHED.   Being stuck indoors is no fun.  And while movie nights, fort building, legos, and playing games are fun, we are over them.  We are ready to ride bikes, go to the park and zoo, have cook-outs and just be outside.  This weekend was a good start.  We managed to hit the playground and have our first cook-out yesterday, but did not accomplish all of  the spring weather activities we had planned. 

    Really though, not getting to all of our plans was alright, because next on our agenda is yard work. If you're anything like us, once the snow melts (if you actually got any) and the ground stops squishing, looking out the window is a pretty sorry sight. We do however, have some big plans for some fun tutorials and DIY projects for the patio,stoop,deck,fire escape,alleyway,porch or veranda. So, stay tuned. Until then, go outside and play.