Best Days. Food weekend!

 We had a great weekend! Mostly because it was filled with two of our most favorite things. Friends and food. Lots of food! Saturday was a pretty long for both of us, we both worked all day and then went straight to our own extracurricular activities.

J: Every year, the shop I work at hosts a "Ladies Night". We invite 100 women to come for a night of food, drinks and more information on women in cycling than anyone could want to hear. I was enlisted (very happily) to help with the food for the event. Chef Matt Rogers caters our event every year. This year he is knee deep in opening his second restaurant so I traded in my normal black grease covered apron for one that was covered in flour and various foodstuffs. I can't tell you how great it was to work in a kitchen again. Even if it was just for the day.
 After my 12 hour work day I decided to make an appearance at our favorite dive to watch some of my favorite dudes play songs that make me feel really old. It's o.k though, I kind of am. I tried to snap some pictures, unfortunately, it was too dark and I was dodging stage dives and wild finger pointing. You get the idea. 
Sunday was spent tidying up and making food for Nicole's birthday. Like us, she stretches her birthday out for several days, just to be safe.
 Sunday also marked L and I's 9th anniversary together! So, that's pretty cool too. xoxo bird, you are pretty o.k. ;).
 Oh yeah, we opened our Etsy shop too. So, that's cool. You should go ahead and check that out now.

L:  Saturday, after work, I rushed home to prep for an impromptu book club.  My friend Emily just finished  Fall On Your Knees and needed to discuss it.  If you have read this book, then you understand.  If not, you should read it.  So, we gathered  to discuss the book, drink wine and eat snacks. It was a nice evening.

Thursday marked our friend Nicole's 30th birthday, so we decided to have a celebratory dinner in her honor.  I have been itching to make doughnuts for the last few weeks, so I did.  Birthday doughnuts.  Is there anything better?  I think not.