Hello Monday morning! Normally, we despise you. However, after this weekend we're happy to see you for once. We are certain it will wear off as soon as we punch that clock, but for now, glad you're here!

You know you had one of "those" weekends, when your Sunday bedtime has your 5 year old questioning "why are we going to bed in the daytime?" After our pajamas were on, and our teeth were brushed, no one protested our early retirement until the alarm went off 12 hours later! To say that this weekend took it out of all of us, is an understatement.

Without going into all the details, we'll just say:

Work, bleh.
Unrealistic expectations, frustrating.
 Bad things happening to good people, F that.
No sleep, very, very bad.

On the upside, our paychecks will be better than usual. Our house is remarkably clean. We are finally well rested. All good things.

It definitely was one of the most trying weekends we have had in a while, however, we were able to sneak away for a few hours on Friday and spend some time with our friends. If it were not for them, we would never be able to make it through days like these. So thanks, friends. You know who you are.

Bird and Cleaver