best days.

 Things are busy around these parts.  We are in the midst of several revamps ( both inside and out) as well as preparing for house guests this week.  My best friend from high school is coming to stay for a few days later this week, and I am beyond excited!  We keep in touch regularly, but she has never met John or the boys face to face.  I cannot wait for her to spend a few days with me and the family!

In addition to house guests and remodeling, G was offered a trip to visit family in Texas for 10 days.  I am excited for him, but I honestly can't imagine our lives without him for that long.  We will miss him!  I suppose we shall try to keep ourselves busy.  Luckily, F has farm camp next week, so hopefully that will help distract from his brother's absence.

We probably won't be blogging much this week.  We would rather spend our time visiting with old friend's, celebrating a dear friend's 30th birthday, day tripping to Michigan, celebrating John's awesomeness as a dad, and more than likely, stuffing our faces.  Check back later in the week for snippets of our days.

Have a lovely week!