summer days.

 This weekend was not spent taking pictures.  It was spent celebrating John's new job and the end of my part time job. These happy changes present opportunities for our entire family, and we could not be more thrilled.

 Tomorrow our summer officially begins after Gavin's fifth grade graduation ceremony.  Perhaps I am putting too much emphasis on this time between the school years, but I know that it may be the very last summer vacation  G actually wants to spend with me.   I remember the magical summers during middle school.  They were some of my fondest memories.  Just enough independence, little responsibility, and enough awareness to really appreciate not having to be with your parents.  I want him to experience these things, just not yet.

In addition to G moving into a new phase of life, F is headed to kindergarten this fall.  I know what to expect and even though I am a bit sad at the prospect of it, I know it is time.  I am starting to feel as though this summer is the last hurrah.  I really want to take advantage of the boys' eagerness to go camping, play in the sprinklers, eat popsicles, play in the fort and live in their swim trunks.  Simple pleasures, because I know things won't be simple forever.  
Basically I am hoping for an epic summer.  A time the boys can both remember fondly.  A chance to enjoy each other, and warm carefree days before the start of a new school year.