Best Days // Weekend Getaway. Unplugged

      Every year we have a family reunion, which is great. But, every year we end up saying the same thing, "I had a really good time, I just wish we could have been a little more, ya know, together".  This year we decided on something a little different than the standard format camping we have always done. We found a secluded little retreat in the middle of the woods of northern Michigan, checked us all in and unplugged for the whole weekend.

       Canoe trips. Bonfires. Hiking. Ultimate slip and sliding. Rock climbing. chipmunk chasing. Kids running wild. Eating. Talking. All the while, keeping our eyes peeled for that bear who was said to have been lurking about. No interruptions. Just family.

       We already booked it for next year!

      Hope you all had an awesome weekend too!