best days.

 Sooo, this weekend was a mixed bag.  We had many lovely moments with friends, but we also had chores to catch up on.  There is this looming feeling that summer is getting away from us and we don't have nearly enough accomplished at this point.  Both from a fun standpoint, and all of the house projects we intended to conquer.  Landscaping is nearly futile because everything is dying in this oppressive heat.  It has really made us reconsider the way we garden, and made us interested in more sustainable options.  Anyhow, Friday we decided to get motivated and built a little porch// swimming pool deck onto the boy's fort. It turned out great!!  We are both hoping to maintain this momentum and finish out this summer with a bang.

1 // after brunch with friends
2 // first batch of pickles from our garden
3 // the fort.
4 // freshly baked baguettes
5 // F and Cake
6 // G
7 // Sunday morning breakfast