Monday is John's birthday, so in honor of that, I have decided to list 34 reasons why I hold him so near and dear. 

 1 //John has taught me to pursue the things I want in life.  Full force.  Life is short and you should make it count.
2// He is sexy.
3 // J is loyal.  Almost to a fault.
4 // John is an amazing father.
5 // He is fearless (except when it comes to the boys)
6 // He truly is my best friend.
7 // He humors me by watching British period pieces
8 //  J makes me laugh (cackle even) like nobody else.
9 //He refuses to go to bed at separate times. This only ever happens because he is playing a show or illness.
10 //He is resourceful.
11 // John eats leftovers straight from the fridge.  In his hand.
12 // His passion for cooking-it's contagious.
13 // He does an awesome Cleveland impression.
14 // All of his other impressions are terrible.
15 //He let's me think I am right.
16 //He dances like a Peanut character.
17 //He makes me feel beautiful.  Always.
18 //He is a hard worker. And rarely complains.
19 //John is the King of Karaoke.
20 //He has an incredible sense of adventure.
21//He doesn't like sports.
22 //John is uncompromising. In the best way possible.
23 //He is sentimental.
24 //He makes the effort every day.
25 //John is honest.
26 //He would give you his last dollar and not think twice.
27 //He takes charge.
28 //John knows how to have a good time.
29 //John is the most supportive person I know.  He makes me feel like I can do anything.
30 //John notices.  If you are wearing a new shade of lipstick or wearing new perfume, he will notice.
31 //He almost always does the dishes.
32 //He makes me feel better.  Even after the worst day.
33 //Even though we know each other inside and out, he still manages to surprise me.
34//He makes me happy.  Every day.