woolgathering // farmhouse

      The more she talks about it, the more I want it. The way her voice changes and her eyes get big, when she talks about tending to all the furry little creatures that will be running under foot. How,when we talk, it doesn't seem so far fetched anymore. How one small comment, made in passing, swells up into an hour long conversation. At the end of which we find ourselves sitting on the floor of our dusty garage. Because being comfortable was far less important than............

"Oooh, yes, we could do that!"
"You could build that, right?"
"You could fix that, couldn't you?"
"We wouldn't ever have to _____, anymore. How great will that be!"
"And we could have a _____"
"How about we do it in _______, I have always loved______, and we would be close to ______"

On and on.

Ifs are whens.

 This is where I have been.