best days.

      And thus concludes another whirlwind, fun packed, ultra mileage, profoundly hot, and waaaay too short summer vacation! 

      As promised, we spent the last few days trying to pack in a few more adventures before we had to find the hairbrush and clean all the Lego pieces from the backpacks. Back to school is here, and this year is a doozy. Middle school and Kindergarten!

 Our weekend was filled with marshmallow making, marshmallow roasting and eating, backyard campfires, friends, movie watching, swimming at a water park, exploring, and finally, ice cream at Ivanhoe's.  It really was the perfect end to our summer.

 1 // homemade marshmallows roasted over a backyard fire.
2 // special order cupcakes.  chocolate // salted caramel
3 // vanilla // lemon // blackberry
4 // exploring
5 // boys + chicken
6 // ice cream at Ivanhoe's.