Woolgathering // Long Overdue

       I have a trip coming up. It is work related and I will be in classes and seminars and such for the majority of the time I am there. However, it is in sunny California! I can't say that I am not excited about it, that is just not true. But, I also feel extremely guilty about it. It really struck me when the four of us were discussing it over dinner. The debate over who I would take if one person could go, was a bit excited. But really, who doesn't like a good discussion on the best way to stuff yourself into a carry-on bag.

The debate was really pointless though. Mom wins. Mom always wins.

      During the course of our relationship (which is coming up on 10 years), we have never taken a proper vacation all by ourselves. Sure, we have gone on plenty of day trip adventures. Taken little weekend trips together. But never have we gone somewhere relaxing and quiet, without anyone else to worry about.

It is time.

Laying in the sand. In a hammock. A king sized bed. In a jungle tree-house. A tent in the middle of the forest. Sipping on something tasty. Full belly. Unplugged. Just me and her.

R&R of the highest order. This is where I've been.

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