best days.

This weekend was fast paced.  In fact, it was almost a blur.  Friday and Saturday were spent in the kitchen baking 10 dozen cupcakes and a mini wedding cake for Phil and Christy, who are probably the sweetest couple I have ever met.  It was a pleasure to work for them!

Our blog also got a new look this weekend!  We worked with our favorite photographer, John Hartman again for the header, and had Mr. Gray Blue do the layout and design.  We love how it turned out!

Sunday was spent at J's bike race, getting tacos with the boys, a trip to Lego Brickworld, and ended with snacks and a movie on the fold out bed in the living room.  It was nice to slow down before the start of a new week! 

1 >> wedding cake.
2 >>  J before his race.
3 >> J and I after the race.
4 >> post race tacos.
5 >> guacamole and hibiscus tea.
6 >> a recent addition to our throw pillow.