Woolgathering // Birthday girl.

Today is the birthday of the pretty lady shown above! Obviously today, she is what I am thinking about. Just as she always does for me on my birthday, I thought I would make a list. One for all her years.

1. She made the best boys on the planet!
2. She laughs at the worst jokes. They are usually mine. They are usually highly inappropriate.
3. I, in turn, love her jokes. Which are usually off color and only funny to us.
4. Good god can she cook! It is not an uncommon occurrence for the words "this the best one you have ever made" to come out of my mouth. Spoken in truth.
5. She is beautiful.
6.  She is humble. Which can be slightly frustrating, because she so talented in so many ways.
7. She is honest. To a fault. The kind of girl that would try to pay for a grape she ate at the grocery store.
8. Her imagination is staggering.
9. She is the perfect travel companion. As long as you can keep her awake.
10. She motivates me like no one else can. (or should, sometimes)
11. Her attention to detail is impeccable. (She can spot wayward cro-mag eyebrow hairs on me from 30ft away.)
12. If you are her friend, you are her friend for life.
13. Her compassion and genuine concern for people is amazing.
14. She loves terrible movies. Unapologetically.
15. Brutally honest. I am sure people hate this sometimes. Probably, because they know she is right.
16. Cautious. Cautious. Cautious.
17. Supremely clumsy. She hates me for my balance. I love her for tripping over air.
18. I love her affinity for strange (and often kind of gross) animals. It makes  me daydream about our future farm. Our very, very odd future little farm.
19. She always roots for the underdog.
20. Somehow, after dealing with all the boys in her house for all these years. She is still unbelievably patient.
21. She has the best shoulders to lean on.
22. When you need someone to listen to you. You will find no one  better.
23. She is not a fussy girl.
24. She is always supportive of all the silly pastimes I pursue.
25. She appreciates small things.
26. She has taught me to be able to let things go. Both, physical and none.
27. She humors me when I insist on doing things a certain way. Even if she knows her way is better.
28. Her ability to make me look pretty good in pictures is no small feat.
29. She always lets me push the cart.
30.  Best Mom, ever!
31.  If you are lucky enough to get one, she gives the best back-rubs.
32. My best friend. (I know, duh)

Feeling like the luckiest dude, because she is mine. Wondering how it happened. Being thankful always. This is where I've been.

Bird and Cleaver