Woolgathering // Make a man out of you.

 I was inspired by an article I read about a Dad that was willing to do anything for his son to make sure he grew up being self assured. He has done a great deal for his little boy at a seemingly great expense to his own personal comforts. This was the part that really struck me. To accept the repercussions of your child's curiosity, knowing from the start, that the end result will not be popular. To me, this is what it means to be a Dad. Present and engaged. Whatever that should mean.

It made me happy to know that there are people who appreciate that kids are individuals. They are not our property. They should be guided, not steered. Now, don't get me wrong, I do think there are plenty of things little people should learn how to do. Like being able to fix a flat tire, or build a campfire. These things are tangible and non-negotiable. However, to force kids into other peoples idea of normal is ludicrous. 

Kids should never be stifled by their parents. Period. The idea that we are protecting them from the world is probably one of most selfish notions I can think of. How can anyone expect them to learn and grow if they are constantly taught to be afraid of the reactions of their peers when they present something new. I for one, will be the example.

Everyday I will make my own choices, and I will live with the consequences. I will never burden my brood with stories of "Well, I wish I would never have...." or "The way I did it was...". Because my way is not the best way for anybody but me.

  Orders. Vows. Proclamations. Mantras. Affirmations. Promises. It's all bullshit. Action is how kids learn.

 This where I've been.


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