best days.

This weekend was quiet.  J leaves for Cali today, so we just tried to soak up as much family time as possible.  We managed to get some time in with friends ( I had the pleasure of wedding dress shopping with Nicole), cleaned and organized around the house and even get a few projects finished.  It was a pretty nice balance.

Can we talk about Halloween?  My family is borderline obsessed. Costumes are a big deal in the Cheesebrew house, and both boys are taking their duties pretty seriously. F has been wearing various pieces of his costume around the house for the last week.  He is pretty damn cute.  And in typical G fashion, he has every tiny component planned out.  I love his attention to detail! We are having fun planning and prepping. I think this might be our best year yet!

1 >> Sunday morning breakfast.
2 >> this kid is ready for Halloween.
3 >> the boys watching the space jump.  I was a nervous wreck! It was crazy and amazing.
4 >> playing in the fort with lord winky.