best days.

This weekend was fun, but felt a bit off.  G left on Thursday for his aunt's wedding in Austin.  It is never quite the same without him. F was a little mopey in his absence, but was really excited to have grandma to himself for an entire night. Robes, slippers, treats and endless card games.  What more could he want?
 J and I have been working hard on some new projects, so most of our extra time this weekend was dedicated to those.  We did manage to dress up in our slothy finest and celebrate Halloween with friends on Saturday. It was a great night!
Food was simple and easy this weekend.  I got out the ol' waffle iron and used it for two different meals.  It was less about waffles the second day and more about being too lazy to put it back away, but it was delicious.  I have no regrets.
Hope you had a great weekend!

1>> banana bread waffles for breakfast.
2 >> just a couple of sloths.
3 >> fawaffle!
4 >> cake is cozy.
5 >> sunday dinner is the best.