Woolgathering // Kool Aid for life

 So, I was gone last week. I was soaking up the joy that is 90 degree weather in October, good food, and some of the best bike riding anywhere. That's California, in case you didn't get that. What was I doing? Working. Well, mostly working. I took a technical service course for modern bicycle mechanics. Mostly stuff I already knew, some that I didn't quite understand, and a few things I was fortunate to learn before screwing them up. Being in such a laid back, and purpose specific environment put a few things back into perspective. If you love something a little, it's easy to love it a lot.

 Events like the one I went to are definitely fun, as long as you remember there is always an underlying theme. You are having fun, right? You are learning a lot, right? You feel like you belong here, right? Well, make sure you don't forget who it is that's taking care of you! "Would you care for anymore Kool-Aid, brah?"

 That's the thing, though. I went there, knowing what it was. I knew they would let me ride dream bikes and pay for my beers. They would feed me well and make sure I was taken care of. It is their job to make me want to love them. I went intending to learn a little, but remain unfazed. Didn't work.

 I have been saying out loud for days now, "everyone was genuinely happy to be there, they loved what they were doing", trying to make sense of it. How is it possible? How is it possible to remain enthusiastic in your day to day life, when what you are doing is trying to sell someone something. Trying to lure them in.

 Loving the moment. Of all the things I was supposed to bring back, I am sure this is the one thing that was not really intended. Despite that, it may have been the most beneficial to learn. Being happy in what you are doing. Not what you are not doing. Being proud when you make someone, or something better.

 Not too focused on the future that I can't enjoy today. Positive in the present. This is where I've been.
Bird and Cleaver