best days.

This weekend was not as festive as we had hoped.  Three of us were sick, one of us worked, and we had to admit defeat and put away the christmas tree.  Not great, but it wasn't all bad either.  We made doughnuts in lieu of more traditional holiday cookies, we watched more xmas movies (we must be close to having seen them ALL by now) and J made me breakfast on Sunday.  I will try to look on the bright side and be happy all of this sickness will be out of the way before christmas.  Cheers to a better week!

1 >> rollin' out the dough
2 >> bourbon+pecan // orange+cardamom // fancy chocolate+sprinkles
3 >> f was stoked on this outfit he chose. nothing under that cardigan...
4 >> special sick breakfast. black beans, pico, potatoes and a poached egg