Best Days.

It has been really quiet here this week and we sincerely apologize.  The past days have been insane.  Out of town friends to visit with, holiday orders to fill, Christmas parties, marathon sewing sessions all topped off with a bout of probable food poisoning for the boys.  

On the bright side the boys are feeling better this morning and I managed to get all the gifts finished that I was making.  They are far from perfect, but I hope that just adds to the charm.  Yeah, we'll go with that.

I love Christmas eve.  The boys are filled with excitement and we have our little family traditions which I look forward to every year.  Pizza and driving to look at the lights. New pajamas for the boys and a fort which is built with the intention of sleeping in, but it never actually happens. After the boys are asleep, J and I are left with the task of readying everything for Christmas morning.  This is probably my favorite thing of all.  A few cocktails and our anticipation of seeing those sweet faces the next morning.  Chaotic and perfectly imperfect. 

I posted our Christmas card last week, but I thought I would leave you with a few more pics of the boys.  Merry Christmas!