Woolgathering // When I Was Your Age.

 AFLAC, you all know about this stuff right? You jack yourself up and can't work; they've got you! Pretty legit! This may seem seem like an odd topic of conversation (or not), but that is where we found ourselves the other night. I have never really considered anything like that for myself before, but suddenly it made sense to me. Maybe it was the story of "bike meets SUV" that did it. Or perhaps, my random and totally (mostly) unprovoked crash at 25mph during my bike commute that morning. Whatever the reason, it got me thinking.

I have always been slightly reckless in how I care for myself. I definitely come from the school of "let the body heal itself". Over the years this has proven to be a bad approach on a handful of occasions. However, now anytime someone asks, I can say "no, a dislocated kneecap does not heal well all  by itself" also "no, that is not a normal thing to come out of your body", you should go see a doctor!

Talking about it definitely stirred something up. I think normal people call it "being nervous". It became obvious to me that my family is too sweet to tell me how to behave sometimes. Or perhaps, I have finally gotten to the point that I can stop competing with myself. Or maybe, just maybe, I can finally acknowledge that no, I am not capable of anything I want. I have limitations.

 Then again, I am in just about the best shape of my life, and that is pretty cool too. Not to mention, all these new adventure/downhill mountain bike videos have me drooling, muttering things like "bet I could.....".

 So, about that middle ground.

It all really boils down to my boys. Lindsay too, but she is used to me making bad decisions. It is about me setting an example. A good one, for once. Or at the very least, examples of both, what to do, and what to never do. I can't really see myself stopping any of my active pursuits anytime soon. But for once, I finally can see myself as much on the sidelines as I can in the game. Which is huge for me.

Anyways, I'm kind of warming up to the idea of being Coach Dad.I would definitely be good at the motivational pep talk. Things like "Let's be reckless together, but in a safe organized way" would dominate my speeches. Covering all the bases! Man, I am good!

Wrangling the next generation of bad decision makers.

This is where I have been.