This weekend was the perfect end to our holiday break.  It was relaxed and fun.  We really slowed the pace down and focused on what we wanted to do as a family.  No expectations or obligations.  Perfect!

We had F's birthday party yesterday.  It was fun to have one last hurrah before the return to reality.  He wanted a rainbow themed party and we all had fun making decorations, and hanging streamers.  It was a small gathering, with just our closest friends and their kids, but it was the perfect group of people to help him celebrate.  There was a dance party, limbo and even (an almost indestructible) piñata.  Lots of laughing, too much sugar and the best of times.

1 >> juice and the start of a piñata.
2 >> pear tart with thyme.
3 >> sriracha bloody mary with spicy pickle.
4 >> rainbow party.
5 >> birthday cupcake.


Not So Niçoise Salad

Dirty Rice Kale Rolls