Day off - Whatchu' know bout me?

So, Bird and Cleaver turned 2! This actually happened over a month ago, but once we remembered, we realized it was probably something worth mentioning. So many changes have taken place in the last few years. Both in regards to this blog, as well as to us as people. We are so very appreciative of everyone that has helped make this a project we can look back on, and be proud of.

No, I am not giving notice of our grand departure from the blogging world. Albeit infrequently, we are still very much enjoying having a place to focus some creative energy. Not to mention, all these endorsement deals, and fat stacks of cash that keep rolling in! O.k, maybe not that. Seriously though, having a place to blow off steam, that also holds us accountable to our creative side has really been a blessing. Yes, I said blessing. I figured if i was going to get sentimental, I had better go all in.

When we first started B&C, we really had no preconceived ideas of its future or what it would be for us personally. The idea was: make food, talk about life, see where it goes. Yep, that about sums it up. Given that almost insurmountable, and highly strenuous list of things to accomplish, I would say we're doing alright. But, what about progress? Now that we have fully accomplished the task of not really having a plan, what do we do now? I mean, that is a pretty tall order. We have certainly talked about it enough, but are we really ready to take that leap. Well..... we thought we were.

Then comes the truth, and we all know how much of a party pooper truth can be! That is, until you realize that being honest with yourself, and others, is infinitely better than keeping up appearances. Be it to yourself, or someone you care about. Within the last 4 months we started doing some real-deal soul searching as to our future. As a couple, we have always had a dream to have our own little place. However, as a family there are so many things that we still want to experience. When we actually decided that it was time to put our money where our mouths were, I think we were kind of shocked by our own feelings.

Despite its humble nature, this blog has contributed to a significant number of other accomplishments outside of itself. Great opportunities to showcase ourselves, and what we are capable of. Which ultimately has been the most rewarding thing to come from all of this. It has afforded us the piece of mind, and encouragement we needed to make the steps towards a decade long dream of opening an actual physical space. We finally put the wheels in motion, got some great help, and save for some finishing touches, had all but signed on the dotted line. All of which has led us to the realization that maybe, it's not really what we wanted at all. Well, not exactly. I know, pretty harsh, right? Surprisingly, no. See, that's the funny thing about an honest perspective. We were finally able to acknowledge that denying a dream until you know it can live up to itself 100%, is far better than forcing a cheap substitute into reality. I think that we have always been afraid to say that we were unsure. That planting roots may not really be within our comfort level. Or that perhaps, we have so much more living to do before we are ready to cement ourselves down. New start? Change of scenery? We don't really know. But, what we do know is this, if the shoe don't fit.......just say no..... I mean.....uhmm.....

We've got miles to go before we sleep, or some shit like that.