snow day. birthday.

Finn's genuinely sweet nature makes us all remember how even the smallest things are special. So,  every year for his birthday, we try to show him that we think he is pretty special too (this however, is certainly not to say that we don't try to do that every day)! We started off the festivities with a birthday party that included the only friends who would venture out during a polar vortex; because obviously, Arnold, E.T, Wicket, and giant cheeseburgers have no fear!  Even despite the circumstances, I think we still felt a little bad that it was so anticlimactic. But that feeling didn't last long! Right out of the gate, Finn was beyond excited, and in the best spirits! Everything is fun, everything is something to celebrate! No matter what, he will find a way to enjoy himself, and make sure you enjoy it too. Never will you meet someone with such an infectious enthusiasm as this guy! He is truly an inspiration, and everyday we love him more. Happy birthday, little buddy. We love you.