In the weeds.

     In the culinary world, "In the weeds" would mean someone has fallen behind. Dangerously close to slipping past the point of being recoverable. I'm certain that it is this sensation that draws most chefs to the job. That constant fear that at any moment the walls will cave and you will be underneath them, unable to breathe. Either that, or it's the knives and fire that draw us in. Whatever. Danger and shit. Ya know.

      Outside the kitchen, I have been experiencing this same fear. Moving along, watching the scenery. The faster I move, it counters. Then raises. Before long, it is almost out of sight. Leaving you there, feeling slow. Out of step.

      You would think that at this point in  my life I would have learned these lessons. I would remember to follow the rules I have in place for myself, so as not to fizzle and waste time. Some of us are meant to be a little out of step. Those of us that acknowledge, if you are trying to keep up, you are racing. And, if you are racing, you are missing things. So make sure you are wary of what it is that you are speeding past. Seems simple enough. So, why is it that I still forget? 

Maybe I need to try mantras.

Don't try to be the best, or the fastest at something you don't love. Unless you're a chump.

Out of step is where you belong. Minor Threat says so.

Ride your bike in the woods, weeds are good for the soul.