best days.

       Yet another non-stop weekend!  And damn was it hot! When it gets up into the triple digits all we really want to do is hole up with the A/C cranked and the cold beverages flowing. But not this weekend. BBQ, beers, weddings, receptions and lots of friends. Despite all the sweat, it was really great to be a part of all these amazing times.

       Thankfully, Sunday there was finally a reprieve from the heatwave. It seems crazy that 80 seems cool, but we will take it. Sunday also presented us with a day with absolutely no plans! So, it was pajamas, recipe testing, an Indiana Jones marathon, doodling, and hide-a-bed loungin' all day. Perfect way to wrap it up a crazy couple of days. Hope you all had an awesome (and cool) weekend.

1// boutonnière made by my dear friend (Jean Dear)
2 // F in his fancy duds
3+4+5+6 // photo booth fun
7// our little family at the wedding
8 // coffee. we needed a lot of it this weekend.