Ultra Green Pesto

 Improvisation. It is something our kitchen does really well. At times, it can mean that our creative juices are flowing. Others, it means we set out to make a recipe and assumed there were ingredients that are now nowhere to be found. Or maybe, just maybe, you did a catering gig and have enough excess produce that making yourself presentable enough to leave the house in search of provisions can totally wait another day. Whatever the reason, making the most of what you have on hand keeps you creative, keeps the waste down and can keep you in your ratty old sweatpants all day. Not to mention, sometimes it even tastes good. 

 Ultra Green Pesto

2 cups Flat leaf parsley, loosely packed  // 2 cups Arugula, loosely packed // 1 cup Fennel frond, just the stringy ends, no stems // 2 cloves Garlic // 1/3 cup unsalted Almonds // 1/3 cup Parmesan // 1/2 tsp. Kosher salt // Juice of 1 lemon // 4 Tb. Olive oil

Combine all ingredients together in food processor except for oil. Pulse until all ingredients are combined and uniform in size; scraping the sides as you go. With the processor running drizzle in oil until totally combined. Toss with your favorite pasta. Done.


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